Our Leadership

President and Executive Director
Russell A. Vacante, Ph.D.

Dr. Lloyd H. Muller - Vice President, Curriculum Development
Christopher J.Bonanti, M. Eng. - Treasurer

Honorary Director's
Jerrell T. Stracener  - Southern Methodist University
Benjamin S. Blanchard - Emeritus Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech

Coordinators/Technical Support
Katherine Pratt - Membership Chair & Coordinator of Professional Activities
Frank Straka – National & International Standards
John Blyler - Editor and Business Development
Taylor Hughes - Proposals and Grants
David Specht - Website Development

Senior Advisory Board
Roy Beuchamp
John Phillips
Leonard Vincent
Dave Pauling
Michael F. McGrath

Board of Directors

Photo of Russell A. Vacante

Russell A. Vacante, Ph.D.

As President of the Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability (RMS) Partnership, Dr. Vacante enhances communication and cooperation among RMS professionals while fostering liaisons between professional and technical societies. Under his leadership the RMS Partnership serves as a management and technical bridge between industry, government and academia and as an “honest broker” to the RMS, system engineering and logistics communities.

Photo of Dr. Lloyd Muller

Dr. Lloyd H. Muller, CPL

Dr. Lloyd H. Muller is a logistician with over thirty-five years of experience in all realms of the discipline. He has been involved with all forms of transportation ranging from operating school bus systems to developing and directing strategic sea and airlift requirements for military operations. Management of petroleum, munitions, aviation supply and maintenance has also been among his responsibilities.

Photo of Christopher Bonanti

Christopher Bonanti

B.S., Environmental Science, Rutgers University, M. Eng., Environmental Pollution Control, Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. candidate, Environmental Science and Public Policy, George Mason University, MBA, Kellogg School of Management-Northwestern University. Over 20 years experience leading and managing regulatory, legislative, and infrastructure projects for all modes of transportation including rail, motor vehicle, and aviation. Specializes in active and passive safety, safety regulations (automotive, aviation, occupational and health, and railroad), building alliances/partnerships, risk assessment (chemical and regulatory), regulations and strategy (environmental, federal, and hazardous materials/waste), fire, explosion and ordnance, government relations, regulatory compliance and strategy, rulemaking process, system safety and engineering, transportation accident investigation, and transportation policy.

Photo of Dr. Jerrell Stracener

Dr. Jerrell Stracener

Dr. Jerrell Stracener is the director of the Systems Engineering Program and is scholar in residence in the Engineering Management, Information and Systems Department at Southern Methodist University’s School of Engineering in Dallas, Texas. ...

Photo of Benjamin Blanchard

Benjamin S. Blanchard

Benjamin S. Blanchard is a Professor of Engineering-Emeritus at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University and a consultant in such fields as systems engineering, reliability and maintainability, maintenance, logistics, and life-cycle costing. Before officially retiring, he served as Assistant Dean of Engineering for Public Service, College of Engineering (until June 1996), and as Chairman of the Systems Engineering Graduate Program, Virginia Tech (1979-1997). Earlier, he was employed in industry for 17 years where he served in the capacity of design engineer, field service engineer, staff engineer, and engineering manager ...

Coordinators/Technical Support

Photo of Katherine Pratt

Katherine Pratt

Katherine Pratt is a leader in the developing field of environmental logistics. After 14 years experience upgrading and extending major U.S. strategic command centers’ airborne communications effectiveness at Rockwell International for both the domestic and international programs, and the GTE joint tactical mobile communications programs, Ms. Pratt founded Enviro-Logistics, Inc...

Photo of Frank Straka

Frank Straka

Frank Straka has been involved in the Quality and Reliability of products for over 25 years. He has held various management positions with corporations such as Zenith Electronics, Ameritech, Life Fitness, Jensen Inc., Corcom Inc., Andrew Solutions, and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc...

Senior Advisory Board

Photo of Roy Beauchamp

Roy Beauchamp

Roy Beauchamp was a Senior Vice President with Washington Group International, Inc., an engineering, construction and project management company until mid June 2007. Prior to joining Washington Group International Roy served in the United States Army for thirty-seven years retiring as a Lieutenant General. He served in a wide variety of positions involving technology, project, and logistics management. His last assignment, prior to his retirement was Deputy Commanding General of the Army Materiel Command, a $22 billion, ...

Photo of John Phillips

John Phillips

John Phillips is the former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics). He recently left Home Depot as Vice President of the Government Solutions Group, which he formed. The organization propelled Home Depot into the Federal business, growing to over $100 million in the first 12 months of operations. He is now President of Phillips Defense Consultants. His organization includes subject matter experts across the range of defense operations from IT, supply chain management, and acquisition to Network Centric Warfare. ...

Photo of Lenn Vincent

Lenn Vincent

Lenn Vincent is a CACI Vice President responsible for working with senior Department of Defense and Industry leaders to build long-term AMS relationships and to help identify solutions to acquisition, logistics, and financial management challenges. His strategic focus is an initiative to create an integrated digital environment that will extend the DOD’s automated procurement system into industry and into the DOD program management offices, in addition to implementation and training strategies for new products and service. ...

Photo of David Pauling

David Pauling

Mr. David Pauling’s experience spans from combat pilot to a career senior executive service in Department of Defense (DoD), Vice President in non-profit and profit sectors of aerospace industry, and most recently founder of an independent technical consulting company. ...

Dr. Michael F. McGrath

Dr. Michael F. McGrath is an independent consultant. As a former Vice President at Analytic Services Inc. (ANSER), he led government services operations in Systems and Operations Analysis. He previously served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, where he was a strong proponent for improvements in technology transition, modeling and simulation, and test and evaluation. ...