Solving Reliability and Sustainability Problems in Systems Engineering through Government, Academia

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Since its founding in 1993, the RMS Partnership has been at the forefront of encouraging and supporting Government-Industry cooperation.  For this reason and others, this RMS Partnership continues to serve as a place where RMS&L professionals and non-professionals alike turn for expert knowledge, direction and networking.  The long-standing experience and professional integrity of the RMS Partnership has helped to establish its reputation as an "honest broker" among its partners and colleagues

in government, academia and industry.

President, RMS Partnership
Russell Vacante, PhD 

Course Description

This online course addresses how to specify software reliability objectives and tailor software reliability activities for Government programs so as to:

  • Ensure that software is integrated into the reliability program planning
  • Ensure software reliability is considered throughout the lifecycle
  • Ensure that risks related to the software are identified early before the effect the entire program
  • Understand the factors that can cause software reliability to be affected

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Clients, Mission & Accomplishments

RMSP208: How to Specify Software Reliability on DoD Contracts.

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This is a self-paced course that can be completed in 6 weeks. Course registration and self-guided study is available on a 24-7 basis.


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