Solving Reliability and Sustainability Problems in Systems Engineering through Government, Academia

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Since its founding in 1993, the RMS Partnership has been at the forefront of encouraging and supporting Government-Industry cooperation.  For this reason and others, this RMS Partnership continues to serve as a place where RMS&L professionals and non-professionals alike turn for expert knowledge, direction and networking.  The long-standing experience and professional integrity of the RMS Partnership has helped to establish its reputation as an "honest broker" among its partners and colleagues

in government, academia and industry.

President, RMS Partnership
Russell Vacante, PhD 

Risk Identification and Decision Making in Internet of Things (IOT) Development

This specialized series of month-long courses will educate the participants in the necessary technology that makes up the Internet-of-Things and how to make good technical and business decisions when developing such IOT systems-of-systems. Throughout these courses, the participants will apply their knowledge to specific applications and examples. The intent of these courses is to provide practical technical information and tools that can be used immediately in the participants own projects.

Each course is 4 weeks long and will require about 3 hours/week to complete. Each course consists of readings, video lectures, one quiz and a peer reviewed assignment.

Cost per course: $75.  Add as many courses as you would like and then click on view cart.

The Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability Partnership (RMSP) has established a new Author Award Program for the best RMSP member submitted article to the RMSP Newsletter or to the RMSP Journal. A small honorarium, a trophy, and free admission to RMSP sponsored Government-Industry workshop will be provided to each of the two award winners! Furthermore, the winning authors’ names, photos and papers will be posted prominently on the RMS Partnership website.​

Online Course Offerings

Course 2

Technology Evaluation and Trade-off Analysis

This course will cover the analytical decision support techniques that involve gathering, analyzing, investigating, refining, recommending, and presenting fact-based objective evidence. A trade study example of a typical hardware-software technical-cost issues will be presented.

Upcoming session: Sep 25 - Oct 20

Course 1

Making Decisions
– Cost and Technology Basics

This course will explain the basic technical and business decision making process. Participants will identify the appropriate methods tools for analytical and qualitative decision making techniques. Examples will be provided from IOT hardware-software systems.

Upcoming session: Aug 28- Sep 22

Clients, Mission & Accomplishments

Announcing the New RMSP Author Award Program

Course 4

Introduction to the Internet of Things,
Embedded Systems and Big Data

In this first course, participants will learn the basics of IOT terminology and technology, plus the importance of IoT in society, the current components of typical IoT devices. You will gain insights into the critical design trade-off areas between hardware, software, and the cloud.

Upcoming session: Nov 27 – Dec 22

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Course 3

Decision Techniques and Tools

This course will focus on decision making in teams, common graphical data analysis techniques, using figures of merit to compare difficult decisions and tools for IOT development.

Upcoming session: Oct 23 - Nov 17


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