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Solving Reliability and Sustainability Problems in Systems Engineering through Government, Academia and Industry Collaboration

Since its founding in 1993, the RMS Partnership has been at the forefront of encouraging and supporting Government-Industry cooperation.  For this reason and others, this RMS Partnership continues to serve as a place where RMS&L professionals and non-professionals alike turn for expert knowledge, direction and networking.  The long-standing experience and professional integrity of the RMS Partnership has helped to establish its reputation as an "honest broker" among its partners and colleagues in government, academia and industry.

President, RMS
Russell Vacante, PhD
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The RMS Partnership is a not-for-profit organization

Available for Purchase

"Successful Accelerate Testing," by Lev. M. Klyatis & Eugene L. Klyatis

This 128 page book discusses the evolving methodologies of accelerated testing technology.  The authors are professional reliability engineers that have an extensive background in accelerated testing. Contact Dr. R. Vacante at president@rmspartnership regarding book purchase.  The cost of purchase is $20.00 which includes handling & mailing charges within the U.S.

IEC-TC 56: RMS/P members distribute and review IEC TC56 Dependability standards. Individuals interested in providing comments on these standards must first must become of member of the RMS/P. Membership is only $30.00 annually and comes with many benefits. Click on the "membership" tag at the top of the home page to begin the registration process. Express you interest in IEC TC56 activities in the comment section of the registration form. This will ensure you will be added to the IEC TC56 distribution list.